Musée de la civilisation

François Tremblay

director of the exhibitions

Musée de la civilisation

16, rue de la Barricade, C.P. 155, Succ. B‚ Québec (Québec) G1K 7A6, Canada

A Museum of the Human Adventure

The Museacute;e de la civilisation is a public museum that was inaugurated in 1988.  It is located in the region''s Capital, Quebec City, in the heart of an historic district and close to Place Royale, the site of the foundation of French America. Our institution regroup the Museacute;e de la civilisation, the Museacute;e de l'Ameacute;rique franccedil;aise, the historical site the Maison Chevalier, the Interpretation Center of Place royale and a new curatorial building.

The world in a museum
From the very beginning, the Museacute;e de la civilisation has clearly defined its mission as a museum for the people, versatile and thematic, with a particular emphasis on the special character of Quebec society.  It sees itself as a place for discovering foreign cultures and civilisations while making Quebec known throughout the world : a multi-directional exploration not only in terms of geographical destination but also of time, culture, philosophy and popular trends. 

In the adventure that awaits the visitor to the Museacute;e de la civilisation is an invitation to understand the richness of difference, to share various ways of being and of living, to compare in order to understand, and also to dwell in uncertainty.

The museum in the world
A major characteristic of the Museacute;e de la civilisation is a passionate interest in humanity and its qualities of solidarity, creativity and fraternity. The museum uses every possible means to know and be known by the world: coproductions or exhibition exchanges, symposiums, publications and training programs.

Disseminating information, explaining, reaching out to a large number of people and broadening their sphere of knowledge were among the priorities set by the museum when it began.  The essential effort is to make knowledge intelligible, attractive.  Knowledge can even be upsetting at times, as surprise is also part of the learning process.  The museum's public is not homogenous, it is multiple: families, school parties, elderly groups, passionate experts, the handicapped, regular or first time visitors....Moreover, to treat of the human adventure as a theme means that a multitude of subjects live side by side in the Museum and that exhibition ideas intertwine, drawing from the stirrings of civilisation and from expressions of the universal.  Inevitably, the multiplicity of visitors combined with the great number of themes generate a multiplicity of experiences and discoveries.

The public comes first
On arrival, visitors are usually amazed by the variety of choice offered: ten exhibitions, frequently renewed, are held simultaniously. Exhibition topics are deepened and expanded drawing on interactive and interdisciplinary approaches, multisensory experience, innovative technological aids, using books, debates, cinema, games, educational activities, practical work-groups and artistic events.

The Museacute;e de la civilisation is a museum of society.  It''s an institution whose fundamental mission is to stimulate the visitor''s curiosity with an array of objects that reflect on the evolution of the world, on the way it was in the past, and on what it will become in a future still to be explored.

The Museacute;e de la civilisation welcomes some 2 000 visitors a day, approximately 600 000 a year. These figures speak for themselves in terms of success, considering that the local population stands at about half a million.

Since its opening, the Museum has built a reputation trhough the quality of its exhibitions. Highly professionnal staff, first rate equipments and a bit of daring have made a combinationthat the public declared a winner. Our museum has won many national and international prizes.

At all time, it would be a pleasure to welcome you as one of our guest visitors.


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