Varaždin City Museum - “Kukci / Insects CD ROM”

Rade Miletić

Dr. Branko Spevec , director

Varaždin City Museum

Strossmayerovo šetalište 7, 42 000 Varaždin, Croatia

an interactive CD-ROM
by the Entomological Department
of the Varaždin City Museum

The standing exhibition of the Entomological Department renovated in 1998, serves to identify the fundamental theme of this Museum comprising everything from the policies of collecting the exhibits to formation of integral message directed to every visitor: emphasis on extensive biodiversity of the class of Insecta, and evaluation of significant biological diversity in the area of the Varaždin county.

The exhibition entitled the WORLD OF INSECTS offers original museum holdings with only a few museum aids. Since the presentation includes preparations of tiny animals, numerous physiological characteristics and interesting phenomena connected to their biology cannot be explained through the displayed static items (regardless how complex they might be).

Therefore we have decided to take advantage of the options modern media provide - an interactive CD-ROM which includes text, photographs, audio and video recordings and animation. Special physiological features of insects, i.e. flight, cry, metamorphosis, mimicry and senses characteristic to insects (sight, hearing, smell, etc.) presented in the most contemporary way enhance communication with the visitors.

In this way the additional activities added to the standing exhibition develop higher interest in visiting the Museum and provide new ways of disclosing the holdings. The annual assembly of AVICOM and the F@imp Festival held in Taiwan in May 2004 granted the CD-ROM "Insects" a special award for the richness of documenting material and original educational approach.

Increasingly accepted new forms of communication between the museum with its natural and cultural heritage on one part and the man and his social environment on the other, contribute to transfer of knowledge and information to a wide range of users. At the same time according to our Museum experience the interest into genuine items and exposition does not decrease but is being used even more efficiently.
(Antica Bregović)


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