Fondation Louis Vuitton: Archi-Moi

Joachim Monegier du Sorbier

Head of Visitor Experience and Interpretation programs

Fondation Louis Vuitton

8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi Bois de Boulogne 75116 Paris France

AVICOM FIAMP Award 2015 for Multimedia Art Innovative / Gold winner

Create Your Own Frank Gehry Inspired Designs

Apprentice Architect (or ArchiMoi in French) is an app for children who want to explore the Louis Vuitton Foundation building and create their own Frank Gehry-inspired designs.

It is available on the App Store for free or at the Welcome desk of the Foundation on Ipads, and kids can discover the architecture of the Foundation and play on their own.

archSketch your idea
Start by choosing a shape drawn from familiar objects and make it your own by manipulating the outlines with your fingertips. Add colour, patterns and a background to create an inspirational sketch that will help you produce your own 3D design later.

Meet the team behind the building
You can search through the gallery’s visitors to see if you can find the key members of the team and discover what each role involves.

Explore the space
With our amazing 360 degree photography and a fun quiz, we take you inside the sails, explain how the sound engineers work in the auditorium, and how the building is designed to reflect the space it sits in.

Drive a crane
Take control of a crane and play against the clock to drop the glass panels, each individually shaped, into the correct position on the sail. But be quick!

Design like Frank Gehry
Having explored the building itself, now it’s your chance to turn your design sketch into a Gehry-inspired building. Position all your elements, change your colour or background and then your building is ready!


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