Fundation Gala-Salvator Dali: Dali’s last masterpiece

Montse Aguer Teixidor


Dalí Museum

Centre d’Estudis Dalinians - Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí Pujada del Castell, 28 17600 Figueres Spain

AVICOM / FIAMP Award 2015 for Long Film / Gold

The Dalí Theatre-Museum, A Journey Through The Artist’s Mind

With the documentary Dalí’s Last Masterpiece, we wanted to talk about Dalí, his art, his philosophy and his persona, as well as his last and ultimate creation, the Dalí Theatre-Museum of Figueres (Spain), into which he poured his universe,projected his imagination, his dreams and his visions, and in which he condensed a life devoted to art.

daliThe Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation initially conceived of this documentary as a way to open the door of the house and invite the viewer to enter the museum created by Salvador Dalí, where once the Municipal Theatre stood, destroyed by the Civil War, and where he worked until the end of his life.

The documentary’s hosts couldn’t be better presenters: Montse Aguer, Director of the Dalí museums, the painter Antoni Pitxot, a close friend of Dalí and the former Director of the Theatre-Museum, and Salvador Dalí himself, who we can see and hear in archival footage and photographs. In perfect harmony, these three voices reveal some of the secrets of Dalí's last great work.
Theatre of memory, dream architecture, world of optical illusions … an 'imperialist and surrealist museum', in Dalí's own words. These are concepts that continually came to the fore as the director David Pujol worked on the script of the documentary with Montse Aguer. One of the main challenges, then, was how to apprehend visually the space characterized by these definitions.


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