Adventure in the NPM: the Formosa odyssey

János Tari


National Palace Museum

No.221, Sec.2, Zhishan Rd. Shihlin Dist. Taipei City 11143 Taiwan

AVICOM FIAMP 2015 Medium Film Gold Award winner

“Adventure in the National Palace Museum” 3D Animated Film Series

The three National Palace Museum (NPM) Treasures, Child Pillow, Jade Duck and Pi-hsieh, have always started their journeys together. What surprising adventure are they going to bring us this time? An unexpected visitor from the Qing period, a Taiwanese dog with a triangular face, almond eyes and a sickle-shaped tail, walked into the NPM's multi-media room 210. Following the little black dog, the three characters of the NPM started an unprecedented journey to a beautiful and exciting destination, Taiwan. Riding the Qing Navy's most innovative Tong-an ship, the NPM Treasures set foot on Formosa Taiwan of the 18th century.

formThere are currently four episodes in the Adventures in the NPM series: the first episode is “Adventures in the NPM”; the second is “Meeting the Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces”; the third is “Lost in the Art of Landscape Painting”; and the fourth is “The Formosa Odyssey”. For the shooting of this video series, the NPM combined its research team with a 3D animation technology team. Together they completed several stunning works, which successfully bridged the gap between the NPM’s ancient artifacts and the public. The beloved main character of the series, Child Pillow, will continue his adventures along with his friends, and bring more surprises to the audience.


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