Histopad Chambord

Virginie Berdal



Château de Chambord 41250 Chambord France


AVICOM FIAMP 2015 Grand Prix winner

A Mediation Tool to Enhance Knowledge, Heritage and The Visitor Experience

In 2015, the Domaine national de Chambord (France) and the French start-up Histovery co-produced a new on-site mediation tool available on digital tablet: The Chambord HistoPad. Using 3D recreations and augmented reality principles, this new tool offers a spectacular, immersive visit to eight Renaissance-period rooms aChambord. Décor, furnishings, original layout, sound effects: the recreated spaces come back to life before visitors’ astonished eyes. A novel and interactive experience, the HistoPad is the fruit of the expertise of a scientific committee made up of specialists in the period and artistic talents, renowned in the field of innovation in the service of heritage.

chamIn addition, the tool offers a “virtual guided tour” of 24 key rooms in the monument, in which visitors can discover its history and collections (almost 200 interactive slides are translated into 12 languages). There is also a fun virtual reality treasure hunt for younger visitors. Finally, an automatic iBeacons location system helps visitors find their way round the château and automatically starts the app when they enter a room.  With a user satisfaction rating of 93%, The Chambord HistoPad plays a role in showcasing, promoting an understanding of and highlighting one of the most emblematic of French heritage monuments.

The HistoPad won an award as part of the last “Festival International de l’Audiovisuel et du Multimédia sur le Patrimoine” (International Festival of Heritage Audiovisual and Multimedia) organizedby AVICOM-ICOM, in recognition of its scientific and educational value, its originality and also its technological qualities. (Grand Prix Avicom Claude-Nicole Hocquart and bronze award in the “Multimedi’Art Innovative” category).


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