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Baillie Card

Editor, Paul Mellon Centre

Paul Mellon Centre

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 16 Bedford Square London, WC1B 3JA United Kingdom

Museums and the Web GLAMi 2016 People's Choice Award


Publishing Art History Online


British Art Studies (BAS) is an online peer-reviewed journal that presents the best new research on British art, architecture, and visual culture. Published under an open-access policy, it requires no passwords, subscriptions, or fees.
BAS features traditional article formats and fresh approaches to publishing for the cultural sector. Its editors collaborate with authors to enhance their contributions by using multimedia tools. Hosted on a purpose-built platform, past issues have featured 3D models via SketchFab, commissioned documentary shorts, infographics, and a virtually-reconstructed exhibition space.

/Founded in 2015 by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art (London, UK) and the Yale Center for British Art (New Haven, CT), BAS publishes three issues per year. With over 30,000 unique visitors since launching, its readership is far wider than those of academic print journals. The contributors also come from diverse professional backgrounds, including museum curators, conservators, archivists, artists, and academics.

The journal's policies are shaped by issues that affect cultural institutions and other digital publishers alike. It has developed best practices to address copyright and fair use, high-quality image sharing, open access, discoverability, transparency, and preservation. These practical and technical questions are as important as editorial considerations.
Responding to calls in Britain and internationally for humanities research to maintain its rigour but become more accessible, engage larger audiences, and involve cultural institutions, BAS aims to reimagine scholarly publishing for the digital era.


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