Provincie Limburg: Limburg 1914-1918, Small Stories From a Great War

Dirk Bouve

Coordinator of Projects, PCCE

Sandro Claes

Head, Services for Cultural Heritage, PCCE

Province Limburg

Province Limburg Universiteitslaan 1 3500 Hasselt Belgium

Heritage in Motion / Best Achievement Award 2016



An Extraordinary Storytelling Project


The remembrance of WWI was the reason for and the start of the project in Limburg. In Belgium, everybody thinks about the trench war in Flanders Fields. WWI was, however, also a war of occupation! The occupation had a great impact on the province of Limburg and daily life. Many "small stories" have been kept.

The remembrance was a good opportunity to publicise those "small unknown stories", to put the story of Limburg in the spotlight and to store them for future generations. The project was given one name 'Limburg 1914-1918' and one historic logo,the daisy.

/What if you could feel what people experienced 100 years ago? That was the point of departure for the World War I memorial campaign. There was a unique launch, a story told on social media, a short movie, a video exhibition and a huge participative project with 44 initially identical 'Stahlhelmets'. Each helmet symbolized the German occupation of a Limburg municipality. During the second part of the project, each helmet was brought to his municipality to modify the helmet creatively. Young and old came together to work on a common goal:never forget what war can lead to. The result: 44 unique creations forming one work of art that unites all Limburg's municipalities.

Limburg 1914-1918; More than just a memorial campaign, it was the perfect tool to raise awareness among a large audience of the impact of war on people';s daily lives. To make them empathize with their countrymen of 100 years ago.


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