Virtual Architecture Museum: Russia by Vizerra

Alexander Lavrov



Vizerra Trifonovskaya street, house 4, flat 104 Moscow, 127018 Russia

Heritage in Motion / Apps for mobile devices Award 2016


Take A Stroll Inside The Unimplemented And Long-Lost Projects Of The Greatest Architects



The Virtual Architecture Museum project invites people to take a stroll inside the great but never implementedor lost monuments of architecture. Apps developed in the project provide complete freedom of movement, including the ability to fly and interact with objects. The monuments of architecture have been recreated from thousands of real drawings provided for the first time by theState museum of architecture.

/The Virtual Architecture Museum is not a set of pictures and text. It is a full immersion into an interactive three-dimensional environment with a professional guide, during which the history of the creation of the object of architecture, the reasons for its abandonment or the circumstances of the loss of the given monument are narrated in five languages. For the users of earlier cell phone models that do not support the detailed 3D graphics, a video-guide is available.Currently, 11 famousarchitectural objects are availablein the apps, including the Grand Kremlin Palace, Chudov Monastery, the Palace of the Soviets and Historical Military Museum projects.

The Virtual Architecture Museum has allowed people to take a new look at well-known but inaccessible monuments of architecture by using modern technology. The apprs"s audience is unlimited. Architects, historians, educators, art enthusiasts and gamers will find the virtual museum interesting. We wanted to make culture accessible to everyone, and we hope that we have succeeded.

Now, we are developing virtual reality version of the project to achieve a higher level of immersion.


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