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Where Do All The Broken Hearts Go?



After circling the globe with over 40 temporary exhibitions and two permanent outposts in Zagreb and LA, the Museum of Broken Relationships has established another flagship display in the form of an interactive website.

The museum boasts over 2,000 exhibits, many of which are truly peculiar. An axe used to chop up an ex's furniture; a magnifying glass necessary to justify just how small one person felt next to their partner; even a small bottle containing the tears someone cried after a breakup.


Regardless of motifs, all items are remnants of relationships that came to an end. This unique blend of nostalgia, guilt, anger and affection is translated into a platform through which unfortunate souls can leave an online trail of their breakups.

Developed by Infinum, a design and development agency specialised in building creative digital products, the site is an online extension of the museum and envisioned as an emotional platform for the global community of heartbroken individuals.


The digital crowd-sourced project, dubbed Brokenships, was initiated after museum co-founders found themselves overwhelmed by all the items sent from all over the world. "Museum exhibits and stories are as varied as the reasons people end up together. The online platform serves the same purpose; users simply pin their break-ups to a world map, but can optionally elaborate with a story and a photo" explains one of the museum's co-founders Drazen Grubisic.

Aside from posting virtual break-up pins, people are invited to donate physical tokens for permanent exhibition. The platform also serves to communicate new exhibitions around the world.



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