EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: United Kingdom by Seventh Art Productions

Phil Grabsky

Director, Seventh Art Productions

Seventh Art Productions

63 Ship Street Brighton, BN1 1AE United Kingdom


Heritage in Motion Film and Video 2017

Bringing the World's Best Art to the Cinema





EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is the originator and the pre-eminent provider of exhibition and art films to the cinema (followed by TV, online, DVD and airlines – British Airways, for example, has a dedicated EXHIBITION ON SCREEN channel).


Multi-award winning producer director Phil Grabsky has been making documentaries for over 30 years. For the past 15 years he and his colleagues at Seventh Art Productions have been the world’s leading independent producer of arts films for TV as well as the pioneer of cultural documentaries for the cinema. To date the company has made 22 of these feature-length documentary films under their strand title of EXHIBITION ON SCREEN - all approximately 90 minutes long for the cinema and 50 minutes for television.
We have worked with the Tate, Royal Academy, Rijksmuseum, Musée d’Orsay, The Royal Collection, Van Gogh Museum, Mauritshaus, Munch Museum and National Gallery Oslo, the Barnes Foundation, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Prado, Nordbrabants Museum, National Gallery London, Musée Renoir, Musée Matisse, Musée Marmottan, Musée Picasso, MoMA, National Gallery of Art Washington and many more.



The EXHIBITION ON SCREEN brand [EOS] is popular with audiences throughout the world. The films are seen in over 1500 cinemas in 62 countries. We are approaching two million seats sold. These films are a wonderful resource for art lovers everywhere – from Caracas to Cape Town, Berlin to Brisbane. They are also a valuable vehicle for a gallery looking to engage deeper with their visitors and extend their work and brand internationally.


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