State Museum-Preserve "The Kulikovo pole": The Grand Model of Kulikovo Battle

State Museum-Preserve The Kulikovo pole

av.47, Tula Russian Federation 300041

AVICOM F@IMP Interactive Exhibition Installation Gold 2017

Exploring Kulikovo Field: A Battle Brought to Life



The Battle of Kulikovo Field in 1380 was one of the greatest battles of the Middle Ages, and the challenge of representing it as a museum display object required the help of various scientific disciplines.


The upper level of the museum displays the story behind the battle; the lower level is devoted to the research carried out by historians, archaeologists, weapons specialists, geographers, paleo-biologists and others. The model sits within a glass pyramid at the centre of the atrium, with a footprint of more than nine square metres. It contains 2,048 figures of medieval soldiers. Years of unparalleled scientific research have enabled us to create a high-tech, interactive model with a sophisticated combination of technical and artistic features. Much of what you see in the model is unique. For the very first time we can represent the landscape of 14th century Kulikovo, based on paleo-geographic research. Using special light projections we can show the balance between the various types of troops, how they were armed, and their tactical and communication systems.



The interactive features built into the model highlight 15 individual warrior-heroes and allow the visitor to observe their fate on the battlefield. The high-tech, large model of the battle of Kulikovo is not a static thing, forever hidden under the glass face of the pyramid. The scientific research that helped us to create the model is continuing to this day, and brings us new insights with every year that passes…


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