Lutheran Church Museum + Mome + Open Creativ kft.

Béla László Harmati

Director, Lutheran Church Museum

Zsófia Ruttkay

Head, Creative Technology Lab, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Lutheran Church Museum

1052 Budapest Deák tér 4. Hungary

AVICOM F@IMP Grand Prix 2017

Luther’s Legacy Presented with New Technologies




Luther’s legacy is rich and diverse, but it is not easy to keep it alive. In the renewed Lutheran Church Museum in Budapest, the permanent exhibition shows how the Hungarian Evangelical Church managed to preserve the heritage of Luther in different historical periods. The exhibition uses digital technologies to engage people in different ways.


At the entrance, the history of the building and the museum is presented in a short animated film. When entering, people are attracted by an installation about Luther’s last will (which is preserved at the museum: while the original document’s sections are highlighted on a table the text may be read in different languages on a vertical screen, and additional – textual and visual – materials help to understand the personages and the context. The twists of history of the Evangelical Church may be discovered by contrasting events from different times, presented in appealing visual format. It may be also sensed by browsing interactive maps with interactive timelines that indicate the changing number of Lutheran schools and parishes in Hungary.



Visitors are invited to explore the life and social relationships of famous – past and contemporary – Lutheran people in Hungary, in a Facebook-like manner. They may listen to emblematic church music on a digitally prepared historic organ, and by the interaction get acquainted with the musical repertoire as well as the working of the organ. These installations turn visitors into active participants and allow them to learn in a playful way. More at:,


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