Signly @ The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Mark Applin

Co-founder, Signly


The Kings Arms Romsey Road, Lockerley Hampshire, SO51 0JF United Kingdom

Jodi Award 2017


Right Hear. Right Now. D/deaf Access Tools



Signly was developed in association with the Deaf charity, DEAFAX, in 2014, and has garnered accolades such as winner of the 2017 Jodi Award, semi-finalist of the 2017 European Social Innovation Competition and winner of the Financial Innovation Awards 2017 for best Financial Inclusion or Outreach Initiative. New technologies have changed the lives of people with disabilities, allowing them to enjoy experiences and access spaces which may once have been impractical or even impossible.


As arts and cultural organisations continue to embrace these new technologies, digital offerings provide exciting opportunities for accessibility challenges faced by venues.

In this talk, Mark Applin will talk us through one such digital tool, Signly, which is already helping d/Deaf audiences in the UK, including in the Roald Dahl Museum.

Using augmented reality, Signly allows visitors to use their mobile device to access information such as posters, signs and directions, through an on-screen sign language interpreter, providing a sign language alternative to the written word.

Offering services such as this encourages improved communication and greater independence for the profoundly d/Deaf, whose first language can often be sign and who rely heavily on interpreters.



A background into the tools already available to d/Deaf audiences and what future technology is coming soon.

Benefits of inclusive design and providing for visitors and audience with disabilities.

Case studies of Signly being used in arts and cultural projects.

How your organisation can begin to offer more access options for d/Deaf visitors.



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