Martin Nyblom



Trekantsvägen 3, plan 5 Stockholm Sweden

Heritage in Motion Websites and Online content 2017

The history of Stockholm and its citizens through texts, sounds and pictures


What happened in the streets of Stockholm 50, 100 or 700 years ago? The answer is in your smartphone. Stockholmsällan is a website that enables you to walk in the footsteps of your predecessors.


The aim of Stockholmskällan is to add on to the general, macro level history as it is presented in most history books, by making available some of the specific micro level stories through a combination of texts, photographs, art work, maps and other types of digitised historical primary sources - geo tagged and marked out on present day and historical maps.

Stockholmskällan, with its 30.000 historical primary sources, does not claim nor intend to provide a full coverage of Stockholm's history. However, through the documents and pictures in the database, it is possible to add specific details to the greater, general story. Listening to the many voices of everyday life experiences in past times bring history closer to us. Life comes buzzing out of the archives!


Stockholmskällan is a cooperation between the Stockholm City Museum, the Stockholm City Archive, the Stockholm City Library and the City of Stockholm Administration of Education. The aim is to open up digitised historical artefacts to the public in general, and especially to schools, in order to make it easier to use primary sources when teaching history.


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