#Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE

Ivor Crotty

Deputy Director, Creative & Innovations, RT


RT Creative & Innovation Bol'shoy Savvinskiy Pereulok, 12с8, Moscow, 119435 Russia




Shorty Award for Best in Education 2018


Digital Revolutions Storytelling:
Engage. Inspire. Educate.



Our mission is to bring important stories to life and change how people learn history through innovation in educational storytelling that utilizes the power of digital tech, visual craft and social media.

Presenting #1917LIVE #Romanovs100: social media storytelling projects which help people engage with history and become active participants in digital storytelling through QAs, polls, contests, VR and AR experiences. #1917LIVE answers the question ‘what if Twitter existed 100 years ago?’ to tell, in real-time, the story of Russia’s 1917 revolutions 100 years after the events that re-shaped the modern world.




The Romanovs, Russia’s last royal family, owned the world's first portable cameras and used them to document almost every meaningful event in their lives. We gave their extraordinary, private photo archive a second, digital life in #Romanovs100, merging a large visual data set with transmedia storytelling. The project culminated in AR photo album combining the visual language of photography with AR tech that breaks traditional print format boundaries to create a new kind of history text that is informative, engaging, empathetic and interactive, designed to educate and inspire future self-learners.




Teachers have acclaimed our work for portraying a lived-in history, amplifying new voices, embracing multiple narratives and conveying to students the ambivalence and unintended consequences of decisions that ultimately shaped important events. 

Media professionals recognise our innovation ethos, determination to inspire our audience to learn through innovation, and our focus on empathetic storytelling as a response to the highly polarised online environment we often experience.




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