Shanghai History Museum: Again Here Rings the Bell and Shanghai History

Shan Shan Tan

Head, Information Center, Shanghai History Museum

Shanghai History Museum

AVICOM Grand Prix - Claude Nicole Hocqard prize of AVICOM 2018


Shanghai Culture Brand -
Weeding Through the Old to Create the New



With the help of modern display and exhibition technology, Shanghai History Museum looks back into the 6000-year history of Shanghai and becomes a comprehensive chronological museum with a new concept that reflects the history of Shanghai including the revolutionary history of the city.




For Shanghai History Museum, the building itself is the biggest exhibit. The building, featuring both classicism and eclecticism (construction finished in 1934) was originally the building of Shanghai Race Club. The bell tower, with a height of 53 meters, is one of the most important landmarks of contemporary architecture in Shanghai.

After the foundation of the new China, the building of Shanghai Race Club was protected and transformed into Shanghai Library, Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Art Museum successively.

In 2017, Shanghai History Museum finished construction and was opened to the public.




Urban Essence—International Integration

The brand-new Shanghai History Museum, through the integration of history and technology as well as the interaction of stories and performances, explains the new concept exhibition and display of museum: to make the cultural relics come alive.

As an advocate for World Excellent Urban Museum Alliance, the new Shanghai History Museum will carry out broad and profound cultural exchanges so as to become a nationally renowned and world class comprehensive urban museum complying with the top criteria and best level of international museums.





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