GEED Inclusive Digital Platform / Fine Arts and Archaeology Museum Besançon / LIVDEO

Ciprian Melian



14 rue Madeleine Brès, 25000 BESANCON, France

Museums and the Web GLAMi Award 2019 for Behind-the-Scenes


Geed Digital Platform For Management And Distribution Of Accessible And Interactive Visit Solutions



The main goal is to allow visitors to access a mobile digital compagnon instantly, on their own mobile devices, without any internet connection needed or prior download restrictions, all in their own language. The visiting companion is distributed through the visitors’ devices web browsers, as a WebApp, loaded on the fly, without storing any single content or assets. Lots of innovative aspects have been integrated on the GEED platform: indoor positioning without native application required and compatible with all mobile terminals, artworks recognition features through the smartphone camera, management of an evolutive multilingual and universally accessible on-site offer.


The main goal of the project was the multi-scenario and cross-platform management with a unique web based tool. As such, all the contents and scenarios available in the interactive kiosks, in the visitor companion and digital signage screens are managed from the same GEED cloud BackOffice. A complement goal was to let visitors access all the artworks’ informations in a simple and innovative way. Livdeo’s platform integrates an automated import module for wall descriptions processing, automated translation and text-to-speech, machine learning for artworks recognition in order to make artwork’s descriptions available on the visiting companion. The visitors engagement with the artworks has to be as natural as possible, without technical constraints.




Video example of Camera based detection of the entire collection: GEED provides detailed real-time or historical analytics of mobile web app and interactive kiosks usages. Behavioural trends of visitors over time are available to the museum team to allow them to adjust the offer. The Analytics module is GEED-specific and does not use any third-party services




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