Airborne Museum HistoPad

Magali Mallet

Director, Airborne Museum of Sainte-Mère-Eglise

Airborne Museum

14, rue Eisenhower 50480 SAINTE-MERE-EGLISE, France

AVICOM Augmented Reality Gold Prize 2019


Immersion in History with the Airborne Museum HistoPad



The augmented visit of the Airborne Museum attract, engage and increase visitors’ satisfaction Since 2016, the Airborne Museum has been interested in using new technologies as a tool to pass on History and Memory.


The first step was an app on smartphone in 2016 with results in terms of download rates that weren’t as high as expected. Aiming for a more ambitious solution, the Airborne Museum of Sainte-Mere-Eglise partnered with Histovery to release the HistoPad, a digital tablet given to each visitor of the museum to both immerse in the heart of Normandy in 2019 and sent back to June 1944 during D-Day events. Thanks to spectacular 3D reconstitutions of D-Day key events, validated by a scientific committee, every visitor can understand and relive the emotions of this crucial time, digitally interact with many objects and artefacts from WWII, participate to a relic hunt, etc. This experience included in the ticket price (9.90 €) is in 6 languages + a version for persons with reduced mobility. It offers an inclusive visit to all visitors of the Museum. Other strengths of the service are: the financing model, the length of the partnership allowing to create many updates, the CRM behind the HistoPad to better know our visitors and connect with them thanks to automatic emailing, the international presence of the Museum thanks to HistoPad exhibitions.




The HistoPad is the good media to help us in our duty to remembrance and transmission especially towards the youngest




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