Anne Frank House by N10

Jacco Ouwerkerk

Concept Developer, DOOR/IN10

Gerrit Netten

Project Lead, Digital Projects, Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Westermarkt 20 1016 DK Amsterdam The Netherlands

Websites - Cultural Institutions / 2019 People's Voice / Webby Award Winner


Interactive Total Experience



The Anne Frank House website shows the three-fold mission of the Anne Frank House, which is to preserve Anne Frank’s hiding place and open it to the public, to tell Anne Frank’s history, and to educate about the dangers of antisemitism, racism and discrimination, and the importance of freedom, equal rights and democracy.


The website is designed between 2016 and 2018 by DOOR/IN10 and built by Maykin Media, the technical developer. Various audiences, from all over the world, visit the website with different goals. Many want to buy a ticket, others never come to the museum but still want to look inside, and students want to know more about the writer of the book they read. All website visitors need an efficient and quick service. At the same time, the Anne Frank House wants to tell them the history of Anne Frank and her time in a meaningful way. DOOR/IN10 succeeded in creating an interactive total experience that allows for both efficient information transfer and immersive storytelling. By creating two different interaction menus and a set of visually consistent design components, with different accents for each section, the designers created a clear platform for all purposes.




IN10 and Maykin also created a beautiful online version of the Oculus VR of the Secret Annex - Anne Frank’s hiding place - which deepens the historical experience. The prize juries all mention that this connection has been successful. And that we have succeeded in captivating our visitors’ attention is also demonstrated by our visitor statistics.




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