Beijing Auto Museum

Jingquan Liu

Deputy Director, Beijing Auto Museum

Beijing Auto Museum

No. 126, South 4th Ring Road West, Fengtai District, Beijing, CHINA

Chinese Museums Association / Most Innovative Museums in China 2019


Young Innovative, Beijing Auto Museum Keeps Moving Ahead



Established and opened to the public in 2011, Beijing Auto Museum is a non-profit and ST-oriented museum. In accordance with the “science-technology-society” theme selection method, Beijing Auto Museum works to break country-to-country and brand-to-brand boundaries, exhibit the history of the world's auto development for a hundred years, as well as the beginning, development and expansion of China's auto industry, and reveals great contribution and influence of the auto industry on human civilization and social development.

On May 18, 2019, the “International Museum Day”, Beijing Auto Museum stood out from China's over 5000 museums and was recognized as the "most innovative museum in China" by Chinese Museum Association. As a young theme museum, the museum has a management team with an average age of 34 and keeps exploring, while preserving cultural heritage, the path for innovation and development.

To run the museum according to standard and help improve the service quality of the museum industry

As the first national demonstration organization for service standardization in China's museum circle, Beijing Auto Museum advocates the concept of “running museums according to standards” and takes the lead in exploring the application of standardization in museum management. In the absence of precedent to follow, after five years of innovative practice, Beijing Auto Museum Service Standardization Management System was established and 215 service standards were set up. The standardized management system improves the service quality and management level of the museum and provides a warm and dynamic museum for the visitors. At the same time, Beijing Auto Museum summarized best practices and published Beijing Auto Museum Standardization Series and Practice Guidebook for Museum Service Standardization, and held the national training courses for museum service standardization to share experiences in the museum industry. In 2018, Beijing Auto Museum played a leading role in drafting the Museum Service Standard, the local service norm for museums in Beijing, a move that gives impetus to the museum service standardization process and improves the overall service quality of the museum industry.


Give full play to the thematic advantages of specialized museums and promote the integrated development of popular science, culture exchanges and tourism

Auto is regarded as the “machine that changes the world”, which permeates every aspect of human life. The characteristics of auto provide multiple perspectives and broad space for popular science and cultural dissemination in museums. Beijing Auto Museum gives full play to the theme characteristics of “auto” and the platform advantage as a national AAAA-grade tourist attraction, and actively explores the integrated development of popular science, cultural communication and tourism. Based on the cross-border and extension attributes of auto, Beijing Auto Museum works to deepen the correlation between museum and the public. To meet the need of visitors at all ages, the museum has developed more than 100 kinds of educational and cultural products with multiple themes such as auto ST, culture, art, environmental protection, safety and etc. and advocates the harmonious development concept of “man-car-society”, working hard to live up to the mission and responsibility of “serving society and social development” of museums.

Meanwhile, with tour route as the axis, educational and cultural products are implanted into tours and a number of theme routes are designed to create a diversified space, such as the auto science laboratory, auto creative studio, auto power arena, auto invention school, auto cultural life experience hall and so on. Themed cultural tours featuring safety, environment protection, aesthetic education, innovation and popular science and etc. were launched and have been widely welcomed. Every year, the museum receives more than 600,000 visitors, of whom 16% are students and 18% are children.


To promote the exchanges of auto culture between China and rest of the world with auto as the medium

As one of the greatest inventions of modern society, the evolution of auto witnesses the history of human breakthrough and innovation. Beijing Auto Museum takes auto as the medium of cultural exchange and conducted Sino-French, Sino-US, Sino-Russian, Sino-Germany, Sino-British auto cultural exchanges to promote friendly communications between countries, cities and peoples in the world. Taking Sino-French auto cultural exchange as an example, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries in 2014, Beijing Auto Museum, in cooperation with National Automobile Museum of Milus, France, introduced the “1891-1968 French car body modeling: art, technology and professional achievements photo exhibition” in Beijing, and planned the “Coming from 1949, the Story of the Chinese Car Red Flag” special exhibition in France. At the same time, both sides conducted academic exchanges on antique car repair skills. In 2016, a theme exhibition on Sino-French auto culture, “Beijing-Paris Unchanged Friendship”, was held to tell the story of mutual learning between the two civilizations. In 2018, Sino-French Technology and Art Exchange Exhibition and a forum were held in Beijing Auto Museum, a part of a series of exchange activities of the third Sino-French cultural forum. Artists and scholars from both countries participated in dialogues on cultural heritage, education, art, life, etc. to promote cultural exchange and mutual learning with auto as the medium.


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