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Deputy director, Jiangxi Provincial Museum

Jiangxi Provincial Museum

2 Xinzhou Road Nanchang, Jiangxi province China


Chinese Museums Association Most Innovative Museums in China Award 2020


Strive For Breakthrough, Forge Ahead with Great Achievements



In its first “518” International Museum Day, Jiangxi Provincial Museum has won the title of "the most innovative Museum in China in 2020". With conceptual, creative and delighting exhibitions as well as united morale, JPM strives for breakthroughs and makes great achievements with high-quality, specialized and hospitable services.

Innovating the concept of building the new venue

At the beginning of the preparation, we have adopted the technical route of "Let society participate and gather wisdom and strength". We have carried out a series of activities to jointly build a "Museum for Everyone". Besides, a new "8 + 3" exhibition system has displayed a panoramic view of Jiangxi culture highlighting local spirit. We strive to fulfill our purpose of "Collection for Knowledge, Exhibition for Education", and tell good stories of Jiangxi as well as provide professional services.

With an area of 86,000 square meters, JPM is the largest in size in Central China. It took three years for the construction, and this new venue which is located on the Bank of Ganjiang River has now been put into trial operation. As a new cultural landmark of Jiangxi Province, the new museum provides intelligent ticketing, indoor-navigation, monitoring and other public information services. Its functional zones include an academic lecture hall, children's education department, cultural and creative products exhibition area and other public service areas. JPM is gradually being transformed into a modern and intelligent museum with high-level scientific research, relic protection and innovative services.

Innovating the collection path and enriching specialized exhibition

We should broaden the scope and enrich the types of collection, pay more attention to contemporary collecting, and try hard to keep the local collective memory. Based on regional culture and this very opportunity, we have proposed that 69 national ceramic arts and crafts masters, ceramic art masters, ceramic arts and crafts professors, and national intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Jiangxi province donate 440 pieces of representative work, while outstanding young ceramic artists donate 1308 pieces to form the "Contemporary Ceramic Artists' Works Exhibition". Together these reflect the peak of modern ceramic art characteristics of Jiangxi Province, and a better linkage between exhibitions and times, education and life.

Meanwhile, we are among the first in provincial museums to collect materials in fighting the novel coronavirus, and we have established a comprehensive and integrated mechanism to guide the whole society for free donations. It covers a wide range, including hospitals, communities, Red Cross Societies, schools, express delivery companies, etc. The collection varies in type: including the commitment paper to fight the disease, signed protective suits, community pass card, slogans, front-line photos, videos, banners, etc. Through a series of donation activities, it has formed a benign museum collection mechanism, and a good atmosphere for the whole society to support museums.


Innovating publicity methods and integrating media communication

The JPM has taken many measures and made concerted efforts, including multi-dimensional forms to link the online and offline publicity work. It effectively makes use of all media platforms, innovates the“We-Media” operational concept, explores the highlights of the Museum and continuously presents high-quality original content. We should spot the characteristics of each platform, focus on the exhibition and collection characteristics and grasp the chance the new museum has put into use, to promote Jiangxi culture and create a new image of Jiangx Provincial Museum which is meaningful, soulful and attractive.

At present, JPM owns seven publicity media platforms, including: websites, WeChat, micro-blogs, Oasis, TikTok, Quick Worker and Bilibili. Several columns are opened in these platforms: exhibition preheating, deep reading, a guide to the "What makes Jiangxi" exhibition, the short video series #One minute in cultural relics#, Super topic with the tag “Jiangxi Provincial Museum” and so on. It is rich in content and form, and has attracted the public to discuss and learn Jiangxi's history and culture. Thus cultural confidence can be enhanced. At the same time, we have strengthened a wide linkage with others in the cultural and museum industry, media workers and other industry workers inside Jiangxi Province and nationwide. The breadth and depth of interchange has been strengthened, and the level of communication, interaction and recognition has been improved

Ye Rong, the Director of the JPM, introduces the new museum


Innovating voluntary service and deepening public participation

Jiangxi Provincial Museum’s volunteer group is the first in China to participate in exhibition planning in depth. This highly educated, professional team carries out volunteer work throughout the exhibition through its own ability and advantage. From onstage to backstage, online to offline publicity, they creatively carried out volunteer work from different perspectives, participate in the exhibition planning outline, educational publicity, columns writing, operating for volunteer microblogs to deeply explore the connotation and extension of the exhibition, thus providing more possibilities for the museum's diversified public services.

They actively explore and expand the original exhibition of the museum and allow it to promote traditional culture, constantly expand the influence of the exhibition, and spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture. They have provided a model reference for society to deeply participate in Museum Volunteer Service, thus forming a new path for volunteer service.


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