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Georgios Toufexis

Archaeologist, Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa - Diachronic Museum of Larissa

Diachronic Museum of Larissa

Mezourlo 415 00 Larissa Greece


Best Storytelling Video and Winner of Museums in Short Award 2020



Seeing Through the Neolithic Eyes



The eponymous short film was produced by the Diachronic Museum of Larissa in order to be screened at the temporary exhibition entitled "Figurine. A world in micrography. Thessaly and Macedonia" co-organized by the above Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Its primary aim was to contribute to a better understanding of the meaning of the Neolithic figurines for the visitors of Neolithic exhibitions. The film deals with a spectacular finding of the Museum which came to light after excavations in a Neolithic village in the region of Thessaly, Central Greece: a clay house model with nine clay figurines inside representing the members of a Neolithic household. According to thorough archaeological analysis the house model was ritually deposited on the rubble of a Neolithic house after this was burned, around 5.500 B.C.


The narrative seeks to unfold the thoughts, feelings and motivations which led the farmers of that Neolithic village to make the clay house model and to proceed to the ritual regarding its deposition. Pictures and sounds have been carefully designed to fit the natural, domestic and social environments of the Neolithic communities. Despite its short duration, the narrative moves slowly in order to allow emotions to rise while its environmental approach raises concern and awareness concerning the relations of present-day peoples with nature




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