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Bridget Hanna

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MAPDA BEST IN SHOW Award 2020 for Multimedia


Forming Connections through a Digital River Journey



Learning Lab's River Connections is an immersive projection experience made in collaboration with First Peoples Elders and artists exploring their close connections to the land, animals, plants and rivers of Victoria. Each scene, image and sound, as well as the overall structure, was developed through a consultative and collaborative process of Deep Listening sessions and visiting First Peoples Elders on Country.


The five-minute experience takes audiences on a journey through the unique environment of the Murray River. The Murray River is a controversial site of ecological, cultural and economic importance. It is through this vessel that the experience explores ideas of sustainability and interconnectedness.

The interconnectedness in our world is visualised through flowing lines that depict ever-changing subjects morphing from one form into another. Whilst River Connections explores how life is connected and dependent on a healthy environment to thrive, it also shares how overuse of the waterways and pollution from human activities put this at risk. This inspiring infinity projection of a beautiful river environment reminds viewers that we are all part of a dynamic web of life.




River Connections is an immersive 3D animated infinity projection experience that creates the illusion of depth and motion, taking audiences on a journey along, through, above and below the river. The experience is shown at the beginning of every workshop in the Learning Lab as an acknowledgement of First People’s deep connection to this land which they have lived on and cared for since time immemorial.




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