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Alexander Jenkins

Executive Creative Director, Interactive Arts, Nexus Studios

Nexus Studios

25 Chart Street, Shoreditch, London. N1 6FA United Kingdom

2021 Webby Awards / Art, Culture, and Events / Apps and Software



Merging Realities: Enhancing Real World Locations Through the Power of 5G



Nexus Studios is an award winning company bringing entertainment, branded content and technology together to create groundbreaking stories and unique experiences.

Changdeokgung in Seoul, South Korea, attracts 18 million visitors every year, over 110,000 of those have physical disabilities. However at over 600 years old, the values of preservation and utilisation often clash. Through this ground-breaking experience our client SK Telecom was able to demonstrate the power of 5G technology to democratise and grant greater access for all.

A location aware virtual tour guide

Working closely with Google, The Cultural Heritage Administration and SK Telecom, Nexus Studios digitally mapped the entire cultural site to bring it back to life in AR. Upon entering, visitors ls"wokers" the mythical Haechi, their AR tour guide to any destination they wished. Visitors simply selected a location, a route was plotted from wherever they stood and Haechi walked them there.

Far more than a way-finder, Haechi would regale visitors in stories of his time living amongst the Joseon and call out location specific trivia as he walked around the grounds. At every destination a unique experience was discovered, from meeting the King and Queen in the throne room to a magical doorway to inaccessible areas of the palace.

Through 4K volumetric captured performances, historically accurate costumes and carefully modelled artefacts, every detail was authentically recreated.

This first-of-its-kind experience immersed visitors in a way traditional tours could never achieve, disrupting the tourism and arts and cultural space by offering a new way to experience, interact and learn.



A volumetric captured traditional Korean court dance


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