LIFE CODE. Escape Room Quest in Darwin Museum

Alexander Lavrov


Bol'shoy Bul'var 42 Scolkovo, Moscow 121205 Russia

Heritage in Motion / App Award 2021



Escape Room Quest Which Educates!



The application LIFE CODE is an augmented reality-based adventure story of the Life Code Project allowing users to actively engage in the Darwin Museum of Evolution based in Moscow. The application explores in detail every aspect of the Darwin Museum whilst engaging users in a unique comics background story.

This unique application offers one of the largest indoor quests in the world with over 1,000 meters of the quest to explore in a large museum (20,000 square meters). At the same time, this quest combines entertainment and education.



Parents can set their child off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Parents will be reassured to know that the application is child friendly and at no point can the child access any unwanted in-app purchases, inappropriate content or in-depth menu systems. Very often parents struggle with museum trips, the educational focus and the overwhelming display of artefacts and exhibits. Parents will be delighted to know that this application focuses in on education and provides the child with a focus for each activity with some wonderful unique features. Teachers can set their students off and running with the application with very little support from the outset.

Teachers could use this application when taking a group of students to the museum. Teachers could advise the student to work in pairs or teams to see who can finish the adventure first. Screenshots can be taken of completed puzzles or the animals discovered and used later when returning to the classroom.




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