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Dominic Allen


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McCoy Circuit, Acton ACT 2601 GPO Box 2002, Canberra ACT 2601 Australia

MAPDA Awards / Best In Show - Multimedia





Featuring more than 150 Indigenous Australian dancers and more than 25 songs, Carriberrie offers many historical, cultural, artistic and social pathways. It features historically groundbreaking never before filmed cultural songs and practices with significant historical importance and great artistic and cultural merit.

The project represents the theme of dance in an original way by allowing the viewer to be immersed in the environment and close proximity of the Indigenous artists. Multiple camera angles, time lapse, drone photography and other creative techniques are all used to show the authentic immersion of dance.


Carriberrie VR opens to a performance in volumetric motion capture and is introduced by actor and performer David Gulpilil. The film rolls out immersing the viewer in a 14 minute journey through Indigenous Australian song and dance. Beginning with traditional dance in Uluru the viewer moves progressively over various landscapes and performances towards the contemporary.
Carriberrie team partnered with Museums Victoria and the Melbourne Planetarium to create a fulldome conform of the film. Carriberrie Fulldome exist in 2 versions; the 25 minute edit and the 45 minute edit narrated documentary. The film commences by a performance in volumetric motion capture and takes the viewer on a 360° exploration of Indigenous Australian song and dance.




Experiencing the songs and dances first hand in VR and on Planetarium Fulldome allows the viewer to be immersed in First Nations’ practices that are inaccessible otherwise, face to face, beyond the barriers of time and space.

The information conveyed increases the viewers’ understanding of the idea. Very much so!



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