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Orlando Serrano

Manager, Youth and Teacher Programs

Magdalena Mieri

Director, Program in Latino History and Culture

National Museum of American History

12th Street and Constitution Ave, NW. Washington, DC 20560 United States

Museweb Awards 2021 / Resources For General Audiences And Families Gold



Becoming US: Teacher Resources for a More Accurate and Inclusive Migration and Immigration Narrative



The National Museum of American History preserves and shares the extraordinary national collection. Its mission is to empower people to create a just and compassionate future by exploring, preserving, and sharing the complexity of our past.

In 2014 the museum embarked on a journey to research, document, interpret, and present the history of the United States through the lens of migration and immigration. This effort resulted in an exhibition; a scholarly companion book and Becoming US, a suite of classroom resources based on national education standards.


Japanese Incarceration


Despite the nation’s history of immigration, incorporation, and importation of people to the United States, most school curricula leave out key truths and themes about how people become American and live in the nation together. Becoming US provides resources that change how migration and immigration are learned. Social justice, cultural responsiveness, and accuracy are at the center.. We worked alongside teachers throughout the project’s development.

We have experienced professional excellence with this project by receiving the prestigious GLAMi award from Muse Web and gratitude from classroom teachers and administrators at various conference presentations and workshops. Teachers and students were and continue to be our main audiences, their feedback matters most.





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