The Palace Museum | Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud

Zhuang Ying

Head, Data Management and Services Team, Digital and Information Department, Palace Museum

The Palace Museum

4 Jingshan Qianjie Beijing China

AVICOM F@IMP Gold Award 2021-2022






In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused the Palace Museum to close for over three months and orderly reopened with a strictly enforced daily quota. Since the Palace Museum has always been diligently exploring how digital technologies and online services help to meet visitors' demand for touring, "Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud" the comprehensive Omnimedia online service platform, was born. It attempted to make the Forbidden City virtually open to the audience during the lockdown.


VR architectures


“Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud” includes sections of collections, architectures, exhibitions, journals, guided tour videos and comics. “Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud” is structured within the framework of the Museum’s official website and fully uses various digital assets, such as panoramic images and videos, available cross-platform on mobile phones, computers, and tablets the museum collections, and attend lectures here. Starting from the actual needs of the public, especially during the lockdown, “Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud” brings together multiple online services, making the digital content of architectures, collections, exhibitions, publications, and academic resources within reach.




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