Karelian State Local Lore Museum

Lebedeva Varvara

chief of department of exhibition

Karelian State Local Lore Museum

Lenin square 1
185035, Petrozavodsk
Karelian republic, Russia

Exhibition "Kalevatar"

Up to its 130-jubilie the Karelian State Local Lore Museum scientists decided to tell a new word in the museum exhibition activities by an unordinary exposition "Kalevatar"(an interpretation of E. Lonrot's poem "Kalevala"). Mitho-poetical basics of the poem allowed to interpret "Kalevala"not in traditional way, but with the help of pictorial expositional method, sometimes theatrical."Kalevala" is so rich in mythological nuance that the authors consider it possible to influence not upon mind but several perceptions of the visitors. Besides that the ideas expressed in "Kalevala" are actual at all times: struggle between good and evil, motherly love, house care, etc.
The main idea of the exhibition is a symbol of a woman, woman carnal and magic basis, sphere of activities in animistic life of karelian forests' socium, the return to the primitive nature, the negation of urbanization touch. The principal difference of this exhibition from the previous interpretations of "Kalevala" is in applying to rare elucidated heroine images.

The exhibition consists of several thematic complexes, called by the names of "Kalevala"heroines - spiritmistress of different loci of the traditional world picture and patroness of some occupations: "Osmotar - beer made", "Mjelliki - forest made","Lovhi (Pohja mistress)", "Bride", "Mistress", "Lemminkainen's mother", "Gold made", "Loviatar - death daughter, illness mother".

The mane purpose of the exhibition is not in standard demonstration of museum subjects, but in attempt to show the own attitude towards "Kalevala" and to pay attention to the richness of folk runes images. The title of the exhibition - "Kalevatar" - is no coincidence. From the authors' point of view, it is a collective image of woman origin in the poem. All the visitors have an opportunity to penetrate into the outline of "Kalevala" narration in the image of "Kalevatar" with the help of comments " Kalevatar's dream".

Author: Lebedeva Varvara
Painter: Sergeiy Terentev


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