Museum of Textile and Clothing Industry (Budapest)

Edina Méri

director, Indigo Resist Dyeing Museum (Pápa) Éva Vajk, director

Museum of Textile and Clothing Industry (Budapest)

8500 Pápa, Március 15. tér 12. , Hungary

Indigo Resist Dyeing Museum (Paacute;pa)

Hungarian Museums of the year 2002-2003

The two Textile museums in Hungary, which are maintained by a foundation belong to the technical museums.
They both were founded in the 20th century (1962 PAacute;PA, 1972 BUDAPEST). In year 2002 Textilemuseum in Budapest was awarded with a special prize of Pulszky Society Hungarian Museum Association, and the next year 2003 Paacute;pa, Indigo Resist Dyeing Museum was given a certificate of merit by the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage for the establishment of a visitor-friend museum. Museum of Textile and Clothing Industry, briefly Textilemuseum executed a project with the name of Digital content and culture, which was supported by the Ministry of Informatics and Communication (IHM ITP2/A/6).
Within the frame of this project informatical tools were purchased that was essential for the beginning of informatical digital elaboration of the collection. This part of work will later suit the requirements of scientific needs as well as public interest.
Some parts of the collection namely pattern books were completely elaborated. The similar parts of collection of other museums were also the part of digitalization, namely (Budapest Historical Museum-Museum Kiscell, Museum of Applied Arts). The documents of the history of the Museum were also digitalized.
These huge amounts of digital documents are stored on CDs.
In the first phase of the project 63 pattern books and 34 9434 patterns were digitalized and 1223 textile patterns were chosen and used for a website. In the second phase of the project documents and photos of the 32 years history were scanned (2200). In the third phase of the project some objects (500) of the collection were digitalized.
On the basis of the first three phases pictures were selected for the website, which contains 10 menu 34 submenu, 147 pages and 1257 photos.
Four main types of textile technology (spinning, knitting, weaving, printing) are also presented in this website, which can be reached under the following address:

The Indigo Resist Dyeing Museum of PAacute;PA
The Indigo Resist Dyeing Museum of Paacute;pa was awarded for making of visitor-friend museum.
This project's aim was to serve the visitors at a higher level and make the museum more marketable.This visitor- friend concept was a kind of baggage, which contained different elements such as supplying the museum with interactive elements, forming relaxing places for visitors, improving marketing activities,making the museum be a living institution.
Being a technical museum our most important aim is to present the handicraft as a living show in spite of the fact that the production of indigo dyeing was finished in 1957.The major elements of our project are on the field of interactive things: touch-screen with virtual indigo dyeing, quiz, memory game, guest book, electric map which shows the spreading of guilds and workshops in Hungary, the model of the horse whimming mangle, garden of dyeing plants, boards, flags, leaflet, calendars and resting places.
A CD-ROM was made bd"Indigo Resist dyeing, Paacute;pa the town of indigo resist dyeing".


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